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Top 100 Tips for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing sounds very deceiving. Initially you think, you can get some ads up online and people will come running. Well yes and no. Yes you can get the ads up, but if they aren’t being found, or people aren’t searching for the words you are targeting, you may just be out of a buck. Also while internet marketing may seem fairly quick and easy, it really isn’t because you are competing with all the other internet marketing “gurus”.

So to save you the time and trouble of trial and error, here are 100 glorious tips on internet marketing. The tips are simple, and easy to follow. If you need a more thorough explanation, then be sure to check out the internet marketing section in our course!

  1. A well designed website is key to marketing a good and memorable product
  2. An easy to remember website name is essential to have repeat readers
  3. A good promotional plan should be created prior to any marketing ventures
  4. Use keywords in articles specific to your niche
  5. Drive readers to your site by getting in touch with your audience on other websites
  6. Use sites that already provide easy access to a wide range of users (i.e Facebook, LinkedIn)
  7. Run contests for readers on your site
  8. If you’re just starting off, post your articles to social networking sites
  9. Sign up for social bookmarking sites
  10. Speak to an internet marketing specialist
  11. Develop a layout for an email marketing campaign
  12. Get acquainted with email marketing
  13. Outsource your marketing efforts if you don’t know how to or don’t have time
  14. Buy an already established site
  15. Create and sell your own products
  16. Get affiliates, resellers or associates to sell your products
  17. Introduce yourself to a local niche specific community events
  18. Place ads in your local yellow/white pages
  19. Speak at niche specific seminars
  20. Provide free tools, services, or eBooks
  21. Give subscribers discounts that they wouldn’t receive anywhere else
  22. Word of mouth marketing is a great asset
  23. A business card may seem old fashion, but it really is more personal
  24. Create a blog where you can get more personal with readers
  25. Market specific information that others may not be providing
  26. Get involved on forums and community discussion groups
  27. Get notice by larger media outlets
  28. Focus you site to meet the needs of readers. Give them what they ask for.
  29. Create a consistent looking website and pair it with an equally pleasing email marketing layout
  30. Create a sitemap (it may be old, but it still helps)
  31. Use keywords, but don’t overburden your site with it.
  32. Don’t cheat, use white-hat methods and avoid getting blacklisted
  33. Ask for help. If someone is really good at what they preach, they will help you even for free
  34. Provide a guarantee if possible
  35. Create accounts on the main social media sites. Also create accounts on niche specific sites
  36. Make sure to provide a good bio and about section on your blog, site, and social networking sites.
  37. Time is of the essence. If you are working too much on your site, you may not be networking enough
  38. Money is not what you should be initially looking for, traffic and conversion is key!
  39. Stand out and be aggressive with your marketing strategies.
  40. If possible become a sponsor in niche specific events.
  41. Marketing is key but so is providing solid content. There’s no point in marketing a useless site.
  42. Time management is important. Don’t waste time using the same marketing techniques. It may not be your site, but the message you are trying to get across
  43. If you need help and can’t find it anywhere, remember, we are here!
  44. Be trustworthy!
  45. Get involved with others that you may not be comfortable with
  46. Don’t sit on the bench and cheer, get in there and cheer with the cheerleaders!
  47. Build a mailing list (a legitimate one, don’t steal emails)
  48. Be original with the material you are creating and marketing (no one wants the same boring stuff)
  49. Get informed about natural and organic traffic.
  50. Understand your analytics software
  51. Set goals, and if you aren’t reaching them, then set new ones
  52. Be interesting, to the point and committed with your business and your marketing
  53. If you want to start a blog, use a familiar platform so you can get comfortable and quickly get help if needed
  54. Don’t throw money in the money pit. Sometimes money just doesn’t resolve an issue
  55. Make your site safer for transaction and usage
  56. Don’t spam, it’s not going to get your anywhere
  57. Get creative when the rest are boring
  58. If you run a blog, then post on a regular basis and advertise accordingly
  59. Get reviewed by your readers, or those more influential in your niche
  60. Buy reviews (I know it’s bad, but you get someone to do a thorough review)
  61. Test a variety of free and paid advertising avenues.
  62. Get backlinks for good or already established sites
  63. If you have purchased an already established site, then be sure to link to your new one
  64. Try testing a few layouts for your site (best done once or twice, not every day)
  65. Use the advertising tools available
  66. Purchase a support package from a well-known and highly rated internet marketing specialist to update your site on a schedule
  67. Invest in a paid search campaign
  68. Get noticed through article marketing
  69. Video marketing is the hottest thing right now. Start-up costs are relatively low and YouTube is great for getting noticed
  70. Try creating viral content. We will discuss this in more detail in our upcoming posts
  71. If video marketing or vlogging isn’t your forte, then think about setting up a podcast and market that way
  72. If you niche allows think about web widget marketing
  73. This may be fairly complex for the beginners but don’t hesitate to get into mobile marketing
  74. Host an event in your area, dedicated to get information out about you.
  75. Setup a booth at a niche specific fair or event
  76. Provide free samples for your niche/topic if possible
  77. Engage others in a discuss of your topic
  78. If possible, provide free advice, whether its online or in person (be sure to follow up with a link or business card to your site)
  79. Try using specific words in your ads and changing them accordingly. Test each one and record your results
  80. Host your site with a reliable and non-spammy web host. You don’t want to be lumped in with spammers
  81. Setting up a plan is crucial for any goals success. This applies to setting up your site and marketing
  82. Getting help from users using black-hat methods may only hinder your efforts. We highly recommend staying away.
  83. Sometimes all you need is patience. If you are in a rush and can afford it, think about purchasing more ads (but like we said, money sometimes just isn’t the answer).
  84. If someone asks for help, be courteous and provide it. If you can’t be sure to direct them to where they can get help.
  85. If you are specialist, don’t be afraid to correct those less knowledgeable, but do so in a nice way
  86. The internet is constantly changing, make sure you adapt your marketing style to the current times
  87. Using your own style of marketing for your niche may be more successful than following someone else’s orders.
  88. Sharing is caring, but it also provides you with a way to get in touch with other readers and demonstrate your skills
  89. The time to make changes shouldn’t be done overnight. It should be a well thought out process, with directed goals in mind.
  90. Stop wasting time. If you aren’t being productive, you aren’t going anywhere fast
  91. Sometimes telling people what to do isn’t going to help you, you may want to think about leading by example
  92. If you can afford it, try setting up an infomercial. Its extreme, but it may just be what you need
  93. Get a voiceover specialist to do an intro for an video ads you may have
  94. Get people excited about a product launch with teaser ads
  95. Advertising and marketing can happen pretty much anywhere and everywhere, as long as your aren’t intrusive
  96. Try looking at marketing in different mediums.
  97. Resolve any issues that readers may have with your product or information.
  98. Give credit, where credit is due. You will be surprised how many will return the favour
  99. Provide a backlink to those who have helped you, or those that have supporting information
  100. If all else fails, ask us for additional information!
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